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Pain Relief Information And Recommendation For Advanced Pain Management

Pain relief is something that everyone needs from time to time. There are a vast number of ways that you can achieve it. Though some are healthier than others, much healthier. Once you are able to get past the Allopathic response of pharmaceutical relief you can enjoy the natural side of things. Here you can start to use solutions such as meditation, and other “alternative” solutions, to achieve amazing results for various conditions including back pain and neck pain.

Note the following from a study performed at the Department of Pharmacology, Autonomous University of Barcelona, Bellaterra, Spain.

“Pain prevalence was high (78.6%) and more frequent in women. The therapeutic strategy most commonly used was a visit to the physician (66.3%), followed by self-medication (27.6%) and alternative medicines (20.5%). Drugs were the primary treatment used by physicians (86.5%), followed by physical therapy (18.1%). Pain in the extremities, back and neck pain were often unsuccessfully treated. Self-medication was often performed with acetylsalicylic acid and paracetamol (acetaminophen), and was commonly used in conjunction with other therapeutic approaches (51.9%).”

This survey was performed in Catalonia, Spain. It is interesting to note that 20.5% of the people involved chose to use “alternative” medicines for their pain relief.

This can be contrasted with the following from

“60% say chronic pain tends to be dismissed by doctors and the public.
More than half (54%) say doctors are not discussing the possibility of developing dependence or addiction to pain medication enough with their patients.
52% believe doctors should have limits on the amount and dosage of pain medication they are allowed to prescribe.
Based on their experience or what they have heard, respondents say they would use the following treatments to try to relieve chronic pain: physical therapy (64%), over-the-counter pain medication (55%), diet or lifestyle change (54%), chiropractor (49%), prescription pain medication (47%), herbal remedies (38%), and acupuncture (36%).
When asked what percentage of drug overdose deaths involve physician-prescribed pain medication or prescription medication obtained illegally, responses varied widely. In fact, 75% of pharmaceutical overdose deaths involve an opioid pain medication.
Only 4% say it’s the responsibility of law enforcement to address the prescription drug abuse problem.”

In the US it seems that their is a growing acceptence of “alternative” pain treatment, though still much is needed to help people move away from pharmaceautical treatments and on to other highly effective pain management options. What else is available though?



Meditation Is Easy And Has Many Benefits

Meditation is something which gives you control over your body and mind with ease. Though it can take a little time to learn there are many resources out there to help you. One such resource is, they have a great explanation of what is meditation on their website. Along with a very detailed and well researched set of information on the health benefits of meditation. Introspection itself is probably one of the best things you can do to promote good health within your life. If you can get to meditation lessons, or use guided meditations as recommened on Kepala, then you can really take control of your life in a big way. In terms of holistic solutions for various issues, it is likely the best. The opportunity it yields for pain management is fantastic, whilst it also promotes healing and general improvements across the whole of life. It is one to the few things that you can truly refer to as being life changing.


Reiki Founder Mikao Usui

Reiki Founder Mikao Usui

Reiki is a healing technique developed in Japan which uses pure energy. The Reiki practitioner channels this universal energy through their hands into the subject, the energy then flows to where it is needed in such a way that healing and pain relief occur simultaneously. Every practitioner has to go through very special training and is certified at the end of each training. Granted it is something that every one can do, provided they have had the training that is, it is incredibly good though. For that matter one suggestion is to locate a good Reiki master in your area and at least do the first level of training. Doing so gives you the ability to work on yourself, and friends and family, as such meaning you have access to healing energy wherever you go. When you combine Reiki and meditation together you get a very powerful result. When using this special healing energy within introspection you access an amazing level of healing and relief.

Herbal Medicine

herbal medicine

Herbal Medicine More Than Just Aloe Vera

Herbal medicine has roots, no pun intended, all over the world. Most people think of Chinese medicine when the subject is mentioned, though there is a considerable history of western herbalism too. Within these systems all plants are classified according to certain lines. In the Chinese herbal system they run to the various elements and other attributes. Whilst there are elements within the western system too, the focus is more directly on the specific things that the plants, or parts of them, target. On the whole the highly skilled practitioners, a huge amount of study is required that takes many years in order to be proficient, of these healing arts opt for organic plants. This is because it yields the energy of each plant in its highest most natural state. Something which is great for you as you gain greater benefit, and improved health, from organic materials. As stated previously learning herbal medicine takes many years, so it is only recommended to study if you are truly wanting to understand it deeply. This is one place where the maxim “A little knowledge is a dangerous thing”, many of these plants have great healing properties, you do need to be careful with doses and combinations though as some can be toxic in high doses. However, when you have recommendations and prescriptions, yes most practitioners are certified as doctors, from a good source you have a great opportunity for getting rid of your pain and healing quickly. Again, if you combine this with rumination, and Reiki too if possible, you have a very strong combination to work with.

Pain Relief Advice

If you had not guessed our main advice for self help here is to learn meditation, doing so will give you a great ability to control your pain levels, whilst also improving your health and other aspects of your life. As a holistic practice it is truly amazing and long term practitioners have a tendency to live very enjoyable, health and comfortable lives. As such we recommend as the specialist place to get the best meditation advice from. Learning Reiki and finding a good Herbalist are also highly recommended. To your good health. Check out the pages on Back Pain and Neck Pain for help with those conditions.